Just Think

You may be assuming this is just another article about taking a break from technology, so if you’re that quick to judge, go sift through the World Wide Web for some originality. Oh, and don’t forget to let me know when you find some; I’ve been unsuccessful in my search endeavors.

It’s easy to see that our world is overrun with technology, and admittedly it can be a lifesaver at times, but have you ever stopped to think about everything you miss while staring at that 4-inch screen? Sometimes even two three screens if we’re being honest with ourselves (yes, my phone is next to me and the TV is on while I’m typing this…but who can resist Toy Story 3?). When is the last time you watched a show without grabbing your phone at a commercial, or went to the gym without listening to music? I challenge you to walk around a college campus and find 10 people walking alone without their eyes glued to their phone screen or headphones glued to their ears.

We answer to every buzz of our phone. We stop mid-conversation to check a notification. We listen to music on a short drive to the grocery store. We binge watch our favorite Netflix shows. Our minds are constantly flooded with stimulation and we forget to allot time for what we really need; a little bit of nothing.

By unplugging, we experience the world around us. We see flowers in full bloom; we hear birds chirping; we smell fresh-cut grass. Granted, we also see littered streets, hear police sirens, and maybe even smell the B.O. of the guy that just walked by, but technology makes us miss out on far more than nature and B.O. We stop taking time to simply think.

Simply thinking; is it really that simple? Everyone should strive for the ability to think for themselves. It’s a skill that obviously comes with age, but what a world it would be if people simply thought about their thoughts. Why do you think what you think? Why do you believe what you believe? Don’t just say you like Chipotle because all of your friends are obsessed; try the food and form your own opinion. So many of us just roll through the motions of daily life and do what we think we’re supposed to do. I challenge you to take time out of every day to simply sit with your own thoughts. No TV, no phone, no internet, no music, no distraction.

Think about your day.

Think about current events and form your own opinion on them.

Think about where you’d be in life without your closest friends and relatives.

Think about how you feel about your current relationship.

Think about how you’re going to accomplish your short term and long term goals.

Break the mold and think for yourself.

Just think.



2 thoughts on “Just Think

  1. Wow this speaks to me. Sometimes I feel lost in the tech-age obsession but it’s refreshing to find a like mind. It’s amazing what thinking and reflecting can do for your confidence, spirit, self, mind, and overall happiness. So many people miss out. Keep spreading the goodness 🙂

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