Decisively Indecisive: The Inability to Make Choices

A plague of indecision is sweeping through society, and if you like to think of yourself as easygoing, you may already be infected. There’s nothing wrong with easygoing people, but the imaginary lines between being a pushover, being easygoing, and being indecisive are quite narrow. So what’s so bad about indecision? Listen up.

“Where do you want to eat dinner?”

“I don’t care, you pick!”

I’m willing to bet 97.43% of the population has had this exact conversation at some point in their lives. Easygoing people may think person #2 is being nice by allowing person #1 to pick the restaurant, but I disagree. It’s annoying and sometimes exhausting having to pry a decision (or even a hint) out of layers of indecision.

For you people out there who honestly lack an opinion one way or another, please save your friends the hassle of prying and at least narrow it down to a genre of sorts.

If indecisive people just stop to genuinely think about their feelings on a topic, most indecision could be avoided. Pause to think about where you’d like to eat, or make a pros and cons list for a major life decision and sleep on it. Decisiveness is essentially the ability to make choices, and indecisiveness is essentially the ability to let others make choices on your behalf.

Don’t let the choices of others determine your path in life.

Sure, that’s deep when you’re talking about sushi vs. burgers for lunch, but reality check— the average amount of remotely conscious decisions an adult makes each day equals about 35,000. Among those 35,000 come some big, life altering decisions that don’t end when you finally decide which college to attend; the decisions just keep getting bigger. Will you marry the person you’re dating? Are you ready to have kids? Which house should you buy? Should you invest in the stock market? If you have an easygoing “I don’t care” attitude toward all of these, you could end up feeling unhappy and unfulfilled within multiple aspects of your life thanks to decisions made by others for you.

So next time you’re put on the spot to choose which movie to see, pick a movie! Make a conscious decision to be decisive. The ability to speak up, offer insight, and choose your own path may seem like a minute detail of life right now, but decisiveness is an invaluable skill to have in your pursuit for success.



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