Be Straightforward


Webster’s Dictionary defines it as “Easy to understand; not complicated; honest and open; free from evasiveness or obscurity; proceeding in a straight course or manner.” You think it’d be a characteristic desired by most people seeing as those traits all have a positive connotation. Yet our generation is so deceptive, evasive, misleading, and scared to step up and ask the questions to which they truly want answers.

Be exact.

Be candid.

Beating around the bush doesn’t accomplish anything, and dropping hints to your significant other often leaves you disappointed when they miss the subtle tidbit. Believe it or not, that breakup won’t be easier if you dance around the subject. You’re postponing the inevitable and opening the door for misunderstanding. By speaking your mind and speaking from the heart, you get your message across as intended.

Be genuine.

Be direct.

Being straightforward leaves no room for misunderstanding. When you use words like “kind of” and “maybe”, they’re too vague for the other person to get a true sense of what you are hinting at. When you assume the meaning of something without asking for specific clarification, false conclusions may be drawn. This is especially true in texting; if you don’t know if that emoji was meant in a sarcastic way, just ask if they were being serious. Continuing under false assumptions can lead to some catastrophic cases of miscommunication.

Be clear-cut.

Be forthright.

By asking the tough questions, you aren’t left in limbo wondering what the other person’s intentions are. If you want to know something, just ask. Not sure if the feelings are mutual? Just ask. I suggest asking in person or over the phone so you aren’t left with the suspense of waiting for a response or getting an answer that’s scripted and not what they’re truly feeling.

Be precise.

Be truthful.

Others will trust what you have to say when they know you speak your mind. There’s a balance between blunt and straightforward, but if people know you’re honest and don’t hold back, they will value your opinion and come to you for advice.

Be undeviating.

Be sincere.

Most of all, be straightforward.



4 thoughts on “Be Straightforward

  1. Hey, I thought I’d check out your blog after your comment on mine. I think this is a really important thing that you start to learn as you get older; its difficult to do after the years of most likely tending towards hinting and not wanting to hurt feelings etc that come with high school. But I have recently started to be more truthful and direct, and although I dread doing it a little right before I say something like that, afterwards everything is much clearer and easier. Nice post! I like the format. Also, this is just a suggestion but have you ever considered putting a related ‘featured image’ on your posts? I find that makes the posts on a homepage more appealing, but that’s just my opinion.



    1. Thanks for the feedback Annie! While being straightforward has sometimes been hard, it’s almost always for the best in the long run. I’m still trying to figure out what type of pictures make the posts work. I think I need to take more time to browse others posts to get an idea of what I and others find appealing. Thanks for reading!


  2. I am working on the ability to say what I am genuinely feeling, whether it is sharing my opinion when someone disagrees, saying no and standing up for myself, or letting myself say what I want to say so no one has to play mind games. This resonates with me 🙂

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    1. I will admit that being straightforward hasn’t always worked in my favor, but in the long run its usually beneficial. The part that sucks is when you’re open with your feelings and the feelings aren’t mutual! But sharing your true thoughts is a great habit to start!

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