I Might Be Overthinking This…

When you overthink, you stop being yourself; you put up a fake front to mask your insecurities and ultimately end up deceiving those you desire to get to know. How can anyone truly get to know the real you if you don’t act like yourself or speak your own words? … More I Might Be Overthinking This…


Decisively Indecisive: The Inability to Make Choices

A plague of indecision is sweeping through society, and if you like to think of yourself as easygoing, you may already be infected. There’s nothing wrong with easygoing people, but the imaginary lines between being a pushover, being easygoing, and being indecisive are quite narrow. … More Decisively Indecisive: The Inability to Make Choices

Just Think

So many of us just roll through the motions of daily life and do what we think we’re supposed to do. I challenge you to take time out of every day to simply sit with your own thoughts. No TV, no phone, no internet, no music, no distraction. Just think. … More Just Think